So  excited with my order. Your products are amazing. Especially the STIIIZY Pods and Gummies

 Amanda Rose. Dallas TX / March 06 2021

Happy to find a service that safely gets my weed home to Emory, Texas Great job

Sydney Dubois. Emory, Texas / May 14, 2021

Delivery to my address took longer than 48 hours. i guess the pandemic slowed it down a little bit but thank you for your service. I enjoyed my order on biscotti 

Mitchell Brown. Ontario, Canada. June 09, 2021

Thanks you for my order it got delivered safely and discreetly as order. I am grateful Frankfurt, Germany

Christian Molly. Frankfurt, Germany April 5, 2021


Thanks for discreet order delivery. Y’all helping a lot in this corona virus times. Much love from Ontario, Canada

Chris M. / October 13 2020


Thanks for my order. i’m gonna make everyone in my area get stuff from you guys. Much appreciations from Wichita Falls, TX

Julia Courtney. January 13, 2020